There was some beautiful sunlight pouring through a window this morning, so I took advantage of that and used that warm glow to light what I was working on.  These old tea towels are ragged and worn, but I love the colors in them. And I have been fascinated with old Ball canning jars as long as I can remember.  The colors in the towels and the jar really work together.

Clicking away with the camera, trying different angles and exposures, suddenly I am being observed by a cat. A cat who was feeling neglected at the time.  Notice the feet in the middle of the photo.  That is how I knew he was there. Into my viewfinder he came.  So the camera kept on clicking.

Yeller was not about to move. He is so subtle. ….Not! 

There was much tail action (somehow tail wagging seems only appropriate for dogs) and simply moving right in my face, looking out the window, enjoying the sun, being right in the middle of it all.

So here he is. His beautiful fur creates a nice contrast to the blue tones, don’t you think?

This was a nice distraction.  It brought a smile to my heart and some joy to the day.  Not all distractions are like that, though.  I’m not telling you anything new. So many things can grab our attention away from what we really want to be doing, from completing a simple task, or trying to change our life style. The challenge is to stay focused, and I’m not talking about cameras here.  

Have you begun a new chapter in your life, or started a new habit that you want to incorporate into your life style?  Has the proverbial cat come into your viewfinder and distracted you?  How did you handle it, did you keep on focusing, or did you regroup and start over? 

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