Beyond the Chill

In our front yard are a couple of bushes we planted that are a member of the dogwood family. Their branches are this wonderful deep red color, a striking shade against the white snow.  

The colors of winter have always, always amazed me. It may all look like black and white, snow and ice, or gray and rainy, but I know that if you look carefully in everything around you the color is there.  Then you have to move ‘beyond the chill’ as our instructions were in Picture Winter…in other words get out of the house with the camera and find the color. 

Whether you like to take pictures or not, I hope that you can find a moment to step outside, bundled up as needed, and find the colors of winter that maybe you never noticed before.  

For more inspiration you may want to go here to see some of the photos from the Picture Winter Class. Enjoy!

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