A Balancing Act

Finding Balance

Setting up this photo and capturing it was one of the most interesting
things I’ve done recently. The challenge, or prompt, in the class was to 
find something that portrayed achieving balance. The hectic holiday 
season is past, and how are we getting back the balance that was so 
thrown aside during December.  How do you put that in a photo?
Never thought of this before. I really had to think. Finally after looking all
through the house for what might represent this state of equilibrium, I 
went to the basement, to hubby’s workshop. For some reason he has 
marbles in a jar on his workbench, which caught my eye.
I thought it would be cool to set one of those marbles up for a photo, 
get it to balance on the precipice of the work bench.  Was I in for a 
surprise!  Not as easy as it sounds.
Then the lesson came to me that it takes a lot of patience to get a marble
to balance on a flat surface and stay steady.  It also takes a lot of patience,
a lot of self-kindness, to find that personal balance again.  Be nice to 
yourself, be considerate and give yourself a break. Yes, work for that 
balance, but if you push to hard for that you will roll right off that edge, 
so to speak. 
Finally I was able to take this photo. The marble stood still. Then I 
noticed how truly beautiful it really is.  The swirly things inside, the clear
glass, the bubbles in that glass, and the light shining through it.
Perhaps the true lesson is that we have to stand still to see the light. 
We have to stop rolling, find our balance, to see the beauty within.

2 Replies to “A Balancing Act”

  1. awesome photo! great message.

    just found your little blog space via your p.w. profile! looks relatively new. WELCOME to the blogosphere! glad i found your personal photography place.

    enjoying your p.w. photos, too.

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