Love These Little Moments

We gathered as friends, with no agenda but to create…
To share time together and just be who we are.
But how do we begin?, I asked.
And Marlene answered, saying
She just has to put something on that surface
to know what comes after.
So, that is what we did. Then the magic began.
Glue, old sewing patterns, wood….
old doilies, words, foil..
..beads, buttons, paint, trim.  
We put together what was supposed to be.
And just like that…. three hours were gone.
We celebrated with coffee and pastries,
lots of smiles and lots of hugs.
Perhaps only as women can know..
in our creating we united our souls.
And the messages in our art…
Told all our own stories, each one beautifully woven,
Intertwined, resting quietly in our hearts, at the end of a beautiful day.

To view all the photos from this wonderful day click here.

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