Looking at Texture

Ever noticed the texture of powdered sugar? Even if it was not on a doughnut?

Or the texture close up of fabric in a quilt?

How about the texture of your pet’s fur?

Or the beautiful weave of an old egg gathering basket?

How often do you see a bubble in an old glass jar?

Can you just taste the almond paste in this bear claw?

Seeing the different textures around us was the prompt for yesterday in Picture Winter. While I may have had my mind on creating collages with my friends yesterday, we all still talked a lot about texture, especially as we worked on our art projects.   It’s fun to do a photo project when you have the input of friends!  (Thanks, Marybeth and Marlene!)

The best lesson in texture was, of course, the bear claw. Filled with almond paste, baked to perfection, and lots of fiber in those slivered almonds on top.  What a healthy accompaniment to a cup of coffee, also partaken in the company of friends!

The best gift of the day is awareness, looking around as though seeing life for the first time. I hope by sharing these images with you that perhaps you can come to increased awareness, too.


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