Open Up to Possibility

My task yesterday was to look for something that speaks of promise or possibility, one of those intangibles.  Something that “reminds you that anything is possible and we have everything to hope for.”

I was cleaning up my sewing and craft area and happened to see a row of tatting that was given to me years ago. This lace never fails to amaze me, that one single knot tied over and over again and looped together in different intervals can make such a lovely design.  

How does that relate to my task for the day? Is the glass half empty or half full? Is this ball of string something to tie up packages, or can we do something more with it? 

A ball of string, a ball of crochet thread, a skein of yarn all have the potential to be something more.  So does materials for making a house, so does the food in the kitchen that waits to be blended together for a nice meal. 

Potential. Possibility. Hope.

What is it that is waiting inside of me, inside of you, or in that student or friend or coworker, that longs to be taken to heart and nurtured?  What holds us back from sharing the gifts and abilities that sit within us?  Are we waiting for permission to speak up? Are we just afraid that we will really succeed?  

Someone who knew what to do with this thread took it into her hands and started tying knots, patiently working until a length of lace was created, beautiful to behold.  

This speaks to me of possibility and hope.  

To learn more about tatting and how it began go here.

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