A Breath of Fresh Air

Tracey Clark wrote, “Inspire yourself today by appreciating and admiring the great outdoors. For me, the sky symbolizes the bigger picture and endless possibility. She is one of my favorite muses. What is your outdoor muse? Consider it today as you shoot.”

Right away I knew that trees were my topic for today. I can honestly say that trees are my muse in the great outdoors, trees inspire me. They grow where they are planted. Trees are strong and stately, always reaching for the sun. They let go of what is used up (leaves) and make room for new growth each year…year after year. Some of my favorite childhood memories are connected to tree climbing. 

Then there is this poem by Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918):

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree….
My dear hubby drove the car while I made him stop at various places at the park here in town, and I took many photos of trees, in 17 degree winter weather. I deliberately set my camera to monochrome so that I could get nice contrast.  For this photo here I looked right into the sun, which is sort of hidden behind the trunk of the tree. I love the effects of the light, the clouds, and the outline of the branches.

This winter take time to get outdoors and look around, enjoy the scenery, and see the beauty of the season.  Find out what your outdoor ‘muse’ is and photograph it, write about it, paint it, or just be inspired by it. Bundle up appropriately for the weather, of course, and enjoy the fresh air!



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