One Little Word

This word came to me like a bolt of light burning through the darkness and just sat there. 
I thought I could ignore it, but I was wrong because it kept coming back and presenting itself. 
Prodding me, getting me to think, to look at it, move it around, try it on, and try to shake it.

It’s still there.

And gift is the word that chose me. 
Here is what I know so far, and it isn’t much:
A gift is more than presents wrapped and sitting under a tree,
Much more than blue-light-specials.
The gifts that I am to learn about are not tangible,
and yet they are everywhere,
and in everyone. Waiting to be seen, to be 
acknowledged, to be received,
and to be shared.

I have taken on a new challenge, participating in the One Little Word project for 2011. Different from making resolutions, concentrating on the word you choose for the year promises to bring new lessons to light, to expand your thinking and open the heart to new possibilities.  I plan to share this adventure with you here….so hang on…it’s going to be a bumpy ride…

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