Intention and Creativity

This image is of my Dad’s paintbrushes, resting in the tool box he used for years to keep them in, complete with an old paper towel beneath them to absorb oil and paint. It’s all part of a wonderful treasure of memories, of learning, of watching an artist create.

Before computers and digital sign making Dad would paint signs on trucks, cars, boats, windows, and create signs for people for all kinds of occasions. Recently he handed me the tool box that contains these brushes and even some paints that he used years ago, still sealed in little metal cans. 

The prompt for today was to photograph something that can remind us of what our intention is for the coming year.  That meant that I really had to think of just what I intend to do. 

Thinking is easier than it sounds.  And maybe highly overrated. Particularly on a holiday.

Dad’s paintbox with his own logo.

After lots of picture taking of various things including some tatting, some dead marigolds outside my back door, some funky holiday garland on the stair rail, and of a little sculpture I made last summer…..none of these seemed to make sense about my Intention for 2011.  That’s because I was doing this backwards, making photos before thinking of my intention.  

Dad always had his tools ready, always had his paintbrushes and paints ready. He was intentional or purposeful in creating.  So this image is my reminder to be ready, to create on purpose, to intentionally plan creative time and let my inner artist grow. Part of that plan includes participating in the Picture Winter Class noted by the icon on the left side of this page.  More photos, more stretching and learning, and, alas, more thinking.

Grace and peace to you….

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