Perfect Design

Snow. Edited with Picasa.

On Monday, December 27th, our photo assignment involved getting outdoors and taking in some fresh air. Taking time to relax and unwind from Christmas, from celebrating, eating, unwrapping, cleaning up, etc. 

Nature never disappoints. Snow was falling softly and quietly and it was cold. The snow on our windshield was not thick enough to have to scrape off, and a closer look showed me that you could see each little detail of each flake. 

Remember making snowflakes with paper and scissors when you were a kid? Did you ever look at snow on your mittens when playing outside and making a snowman? And then learning that each and every snowflake is unique, that no two of them are alike?

All of that came back to me, especially the part of being uniquely made. That’s you and me. Perfectly designed and made for this life on this earth at this time.  

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