Looking Forward

2011 is a gift waiting to be opened.

To visually translate the idea of moving forward, to celebrate the end of one year and look forward to the new, celebrate the past while facing the future. All that is wrapped up in this photo assignment (excuse the pun).  I staged this photo, and it was fun to see just how many angles I could use to finally get just the image I wanted to portray.  

Becoming aware of the gifts all around me is mind boggling.  That word, gift, is something I plan to concentrate on in the coming year. We are surrounded by gifts and we are full of gifts waiting to be discovered, gifts that can bless others, gifts that we also take for granted.  Each day is a gift of life. 

The gift of 2011 is a mystery. I don’t know what will be inside, if it will be something I like, something that challenges me, whether it will be life threatening or life giving. But I do know that there will be good in all of it, even though I may not see it at the present moment.  It takes a while to see that good, to learn from our experiences. 

It just occurred to me that what I really wrapped up for this photo was a box of thank you cards.  A gift of thankfulness….hummmmm

Blessings to all of you in the coming year!

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  1. I LOVE the picture and the thought. I've been exploring the idea of gifts as well. The part that I need to learn about are the "dark" gifts that I am sometimes given. These usually emerge as worries about my loved ones. I know that there is a gift in every "surprise" that each day offers. Today I am reflecting on the gift of friendship and the wonderful community that is our church. Thank you Deb, for feeding my soul with your wonderful blog.

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