The Little Things

A photo of a door knob seems odd I suppose, until you understand just where this door is and what is behind it.  It has caught my eye because of the beauty, the design, the worn place where hands have turned it countless times over the years. Your hand feels the tension of the mechanism inside when you turn it, and the beautiful oak door with leaded glass windows opens to allow you into a beautiful home.

Christmas Day found the hubby and I sleeping in a bit, then going to the home of dear friends to spend the day. Many times over the past eight years we have shared times like this with Chuck and Jan. They treat us like family, welcoming us to share their home, hang out with their family, and just relax.  And we always come away refreshed.  

Their door is always open, welcoming all who enter. There is always food in abundance, delicious, lovingly prepared, guaranteed to fill you up; however, this is not the most important thing that draws us there. For above all else is the love and warmth of of the home they have created.

Hospitality is “the relationship between guest and host, or the act of being hospitable” according to Wikipedia. To me it is opening your home, opening your heart, sharing, loving, and providing a place of comfort for others, treating them as you would want to be treated.  How grateful I am this day for the hospitality others have shown us, for the wonderful example Chuck and Jan have given.

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