Words That Stand Out

Tracey Clark’s message today was “Words and phrases are everywhere. We are inundated everyday with messages. Be aware of the words you take in each day. Seek out the affirmations, answers or reminders that are out there looking for you today!”
Just as I began to journal this evening, Yeller (the cat) distracted me as he chewed on a string of Christmas lights…that were not plugged in at the time. So a word that came immediately to my mouth was a firm “NO!” He stopped chewing, at least for now. But I digress….
When you are asked to think about words, affirmations, reminders or answers that come your way it is amazing what you notice. From lunch today with my hubby came the word “thank you” that was at the end of my receipt for lunch. When I looked down and saw that, as I have no doubt seen it many times before, it suddenly was important.
I know that the owner of the restaurant appreciates our business, so on one level I accepted that expression of thanks; however, that little computer generated typed phrase really seemed to be telling me that I need to say thank you more often, in more ways, to more people, and (the hard part) even when I don’t want to say it. Once this thought came to me at lunch it kept resurfacing the rest of the afternoon. Kind of like a kick in the pants, a nudge, or a big reminder.
So, thanks for reading this, whoever you are!
Thanks, Mom, for sending me the beautiful quilted wall hanging.
Thanks to my son for the phone call the other night, for remembering.
Thanks to my daughter for the words on the card she sent, for these are such a pricelss gift.

Thanks to my hubby for all the lunches we have together.

Thanks to my boss for keeping me on the payroll.
Thanks for my dream girls, and you know who you are…
Thanks to my Dad for simply being my Dad, the best Dad ever.
Thanks to my daugher-in-law for loving my son like you do.
Thanks to my son-in-law for loving my daughter and grandson like you do.
Thanks to the Source of All Life for placing me here on this earth at this time in this place.
It’s all perfect.
I pass this challenge on to you. Think about the words, reminders, affirmations that stand out for you today. Get out your own journal and write about it, or create something that makes you think about it. And if you are so inclined, share what you learn.

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