Little words, big message

Sometimes as I write in my journal a very clear message comes to me. Not all of my journaling has been uplifting, in fact sometimes my journal is more like a book of grumpiness. Today was quite different because the message from the writing, even though I have heard it so many times, was quite pertinent and much needed.

Political ads often end with a disclaimer of sorts by the person running for office – saying something like “I am (insert here: The Person Who Wants Your Vote), and I approve of this message.” 

What if each time we hear our Inner Critic or Committee as it tries to tell us we are not good enough…what if we responded to that voice by saying, 

“Hey, I am (insert here: your name), and I approve of what I am doing!”  …large font used here because we just might have to shout those words….

Say to that Inner Critic or Committee this is my best, this is what I have created, this is my life not yours. And in the process learn to say “Yes!” to self, “Yes!” to doing that project the way we thought of it, and “Yes, I can!” when bombarded with doubt.

Please don’t misunderstand; I am not advocating wicked or evil behavior, or doing things that harm ourselves in any way or hurt others.  No.

This is about confronting fear, because that Committee keeps thinking they have the floor.  That Committee comes to order whenever we try to do something that requires courage, intuition, creativity, being original.  Don’t give them control.  Stand on your own two feet and be true to your self.

You are loved here and now.

The powerful message in my journal this day is pictured here. Love will cast out fear. The Inner Critic or Committee does not like love, does not like for you to feel good about who you are.  They want to keep you trapped in fear.  

Let this message from my journal be your message, too. From my personal experience I know we all need this, we need to be reminded, and we need to find that love deep within us. 

Blessings and love to you on your journey….

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