Every little thing….

Here are the other three photos I submitted for my Big Picture Class today. The task was to look at every little thing, take note of the small things that stand out, and capture them.  

If you have seen the movie “Up!” then you’ll understand the Grape Nehi cap and safety pin.  My hubby made this for me.  

Yeller must have been relaxed this morning because he placed his face in my hand like he always does and I got this wonderful close up.  I love it when he does this. Makes Me purr. 

And old canning jars are the most beautiful colored glass around, in my opinion.  I saw the word “idea” even though it is really spelled “ideal”, and shot this.  

Learn about Big Picture Classes here. This is a fun way to learn more about photography, very inspirational, and best of all (my opinion) affordable.

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