Peace of Mind

Yesterday was perhaps the busiest day of the month for me. After hosting Family Promise and having breakfast with them there was a dress rehearsal for the symphony concert… which meant no nap time. Then home for a couple hours of respite before the concert itself. The concert was glorious. The long rehearsal really paid off; but oh, how tired my feet and how tired of holiday music I am now!
The topic of the day was finding the key to peace of mind. For me it is that artist within me that is nudging me more and more these days.
Learning as I go, becoming more authentic, learning to listen deeply, all of this has awakened that little artist inside me. The artist has on occasion compelled me to create. Trusting that artist and letting it guide is sometimes easy yet often times difficult. What makes it difficult is when my selfish ego steps in with Her Committee and critiques everything.
So I’m learning now to allow The Artist to come out and play, to open my heart to the images it brings and create them to my best ability. This Artist wants to be nourished, encouraged, wants to be heard…and is very persistent in how it nudges me.
From deep within
This tree made of fabric is one of those images. The leaves are from an old quilt my Grandma Handell made, one that is torn and tattered around the edges so I didn’t mind cutting it up a bit. The trunk is from old jeans, one pair with the knee worn through… a convenient hole in the tree itself. This tree has fruit as well as a glimpse of the essence of it’s life seen in the hole in the trunk. The stitches holding it in place represent the rain that nourishes and gives life.
Years ago a friend recommended I take my camera and have a “Grandpa Day”. Take photos like I used to along side my Grandpa (who had died several years before) and just celebrate the fun we once had together. The results were amazing, not for the photos I took but for the process itself. Honoring the artist in him and in me and bringing it all back to life.
I invite you to listen to your inner artist. May you find that peace of mind that we all need during this holiday season and all year long.

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