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The Grinch Has A Paradigm Shift

My challenge today in the Big Picture Class was to take an actual frame and see something about the Christmas season through it in a different perspective.  At first my thoughts were bouncing around to one thing and then another that I could create, but after some quiet time this came to a stop.  I was being nudged to just let go and listen, to not try to force this bit of creativity.  There was a message for me in this which I was not going to hear unless just allowed it to flow. (Sounds crazy but it works for me.)

So there was some laundry that got done, some cleaning of floors, making the beds, doing my morning reading, enjoying my tea. And it came. 
My long time favorite Dr. Seuss book was sitting on the shelf, one that brings a new lesson each time I read it. (I love that books can do that to me.) This homely character, like so many of us, thought that Christmas was all about the gifts under the tree, the decorations, the lights, the shopping, the commercialism of the holiday season.  Until he witnessed something totally different; people enjoying each other’s company, not caring about the Stuff, just caring about each other, about community, about celebrating.  
I love the look on his face in this illustration. His entire attitude and way of thinking changes. He sees this event in a new frame of mind, and he has what Steven Covey would call a paradigm shift. 
Just be here, now
My other photo through an actual frame says what every Who down in Who-ville was actually doing after Mr. Grinch “stole” Christmas. Rather than cry over Stuff they lost they decided to just Be with each other.  
The surprise for me is how working on a simple photography project can bring so much to mind, to my awareness. 
Blessings to all who read this, whether you live in Who-ville or just down the street. 

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