Holding On To Gratitude

How do you get an image of something you are grateful for? How do you capture that on your camera, in your art work, even in words?

My camera traveled with me all through the day today so that I could catch in pixels what I am most grateful for in my life.  This project came about because I have enrolled in an online photography course called “Picture Winter” by Big Picture Classes.  Here are many of the images I gathered and the thoughts that came to my mind.

Gratitude for clothes to wear
After my morning routine I go to my closet to figure out what to wear. Most of the time I don’t like the choices in my closet and think I need to get more to go with what I have.  This morning it occurred to me that I really am thankful for what hangs there, for all the choices I have. 
Grateful for a silly cat
Then there is Yeller the cat who brings us such joy. Even as I take his picture he makes me laugh because he is trying to grab the camera strap! On gray cloudy blustery winter days I need to be reminded to laugh.
Books, books, and more books

 All around our house there are books, on shelves, in boxes, stacked on the floor, on bedside tables and coffee tables. I deeply appreciate the words and wisdom from so many authors, the means to purchase the books, and the friends who graciously lend me their own.

Incoming calls 

 Then there is work, my paycheck job, the place where I use my computer and organizational skills to help keep a business going.  I tried to capture the main phone as calls were coming in, and the image blurred. Somehow this seemed appropriate for phone calls coming in on digital lines, calls which are the “life blood” of the business.

My deepest gratitude today, however, is for my humble little home. A warm, cozy place to hang my hat, run around in my pajamas, read a book instead of cleaning house, just be myself.  Many times I have wished for a different place, more rooms, etc. But this is what we have, right here, right now, and it is enough.

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  1. You do have many things to be grateful for and I'm so glad you have the ability to recognize your blessings. There are so many people who don't have appreciation for these things in their lives, they only focus on the negatives. You always find a way to get me to think of the good in a situation.

    Your humble home is one of my favorite places. Trent and I often talk about how it has the qualities and feel of the home we hope to build together one day.

    Good luck on your photography course! I hope we get to see more of your assignments 🙂

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