Learning As I Go – – To Be Content

There is the anticipation in the air of loved ones coming for a visit.

Yeller in my Prayer Shawl

A lot of my housework is done, but there is more.  (Why do it all at once and then be bored?)
And I need to bake some pies, but that will be better done tomorrow so the pies will be fresh.
Rain is hitting the roof. (Good reason to stay in and avoid all shopping.)
Yeller the cat is not happy with us because we won’t let him go outside. (Muddy cat paw prints, yuk.)
But in all of this I am thankful. All of this fits together to make a perfect evening…at least for me.

Thankfulness.  Gratitude for not only what we Have but for what Life has handed us right now.  This is what I am learning. And as I learn about this gratitude I find that it is also important to accept and be grateful for the person I am, the person I am becoming, even the person I was yesterday.  There is a fabulous website that I like to read (http://www.traceyclark.com/) especially the section called “I’m Enough”. Perhaps you can view it and be lifted up as I have been.

Blessings and warm wishes to you on this Thanksgiving Eve…

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