Being Present

Choral singing is one of my favorite things, and this year will be my sixth season with the Lima Symphony Chorus. You can learn more about the Lima Symphony here.  The sound is amazing, but even more amazing just before time for a performance, when all the music, the words, the notes, the rhythm, and the little pauses between the notes all come together as one nice harmonious sound.

It was interesting tonight to see out the corner of my eye how everyone was sort of swaying the same way at the same time on some of the music. It was as though we were all doing the same dance to what we were singing. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this before, this spontaneous movement, feeling the lift of the music together. It made me smile.

I am most present when I am in this group because I have to pay attention to the director and what I’m singing. All the worries of life are put aside because I’m there for one purpose, to learn the music and sing it well.
How difficult it is to learn to be truly present in all other areas of life. To just be right here right now. To carefully listen to what someone is saying without thinking about what I am going to say next, or what my opinion is on what I’m hearing. To look that person in the eye, sense their body language, and show them the respect and honor they deserve. And to learn to simply be, to know that this moment is enough. 
What went before is done, what will come we don’t know. Just like that favorite flower that blooms with all its might, I need to learn better how to be present.
“Take no thought for tomorrow. It has enough trouble of it’s own….”

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  1. It's so true! Choir is one of the times of day where I am most present. My whole body and my brain has to focus completely on the task to do well and it's actually so easy to do, too. You can really tell when a choir isn't "there".

    I love those moments when we're all in sync. The sound locks together, gives me goosebumps and I feel so thrilled when our bodies are moving together. It's so spiritual!

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