The Heart’s Desire

This took months to finish. 
It was created quickly but then had to sit a while until I could process what it represents, and hear it’s message.
The finishing touch is gold sewing thread that connects the hearts in a beautiful simple web.
I originally thought of this piece as a way to symbolize stray heart beats, because someone close to me has atrial fibrillation that needed to be corrected by ablation. 

And it has a new message for me, one of community, of co-existing as people who are different, realizing that deep inside our heart muscles beat the same. Since we are so connected, what one does affects us all.
Life last winter was all about seeing him through that scary heart procedure.
Life right now is about celebrating a new life, a first grandchild into the world.
Life today is about wanting to live in a community where all are different but love is what unites us, a life without the bias of religious beliefs and condemnation, a life where color is celebrated and not feared.  Life where the wallet and the certificates don’t matter,
where what does count is that we simply Are.
This is my heart’s desire.

2 Replies to “The Heart’s Desire”

  1. Amen, Deb.

    I love the things you create! I want to commission you to make something but I appreciate your process too much and commissioning is not part of that because you seem to create as It calls for it (I hope that makes sense).

    It's beautiful, the message and the final creation.

  2. Kacie,
    Sometimes the creating is hard and takes a while. Learning to listen inwardly…that's the best way I can explain it. Once I made a huge frog puppet for my sister for a production she was doing. It was "commissioned" if you will, and I had to just settle down and really think, and listen to the instructions. But how much fun that was!

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